Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Series tied, one game left

With a 1-0 series lead against Here For The Beer, the Nighthawks came into this game looking for the sweep. This was not to be however as the team fell 6-5. The Nighthawks were in a hole 5-2 until halfway through the second half when Sherif scored. The next goal was scored by Travis as he had his first career goal, and the celebration was priceless. That was as close as the Nighthawks would get though as a late goal sealed it for Here For The Beer. The real story is the rivalry that has seemingly developed between these two teams. It seems the Nighthawks can't make friends with any of the teams, but this one got more physical than ones in the past. After last week when Billy was punched, the physicality has only increased. There were quite a few injuries that occurred in this game including Carissa who had to be carried off the field. Andrew Willis and the Feravich brothers were right in the middle of this trying to make an impact for the team. Andrew caused a lot of fouls, either for or against his team, but the team knows that Andrew is a tough player and that is his style of play. As for the Feravich brothers, they made it very hard for the other team to enter their zone, and get quality shots off. This will set up for a great deciding game next week.

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