Monday, May 31, 2010

Nighthawks offense continues

The Nighthawks added 12 more points this game as they finally beat the Ball Busters 12-3. This game has really given the Nighthawks confidence for the rest of this season. The Ball Busters have been a thorn in the side of the Nighthawks for the last few seasons, and this huge victory has made them believe that they can go really far this year. The girls once again helped to boost the Nighthawks to victory. A close game through most of the first half finally broke open when Leanne scored a goal, and this was followed 37 seconds later with a goal by Ariel. The Nighthawks went into the half up 6-1. Saxon Feravich made sure that his team knew not to let up because this team is one that has the offensive power to come back. There was no such let up this game as Abby added two more goals and both John and Sherif had one for a total of 12. This was the first game for first round pick Brooke Rodwell, who impressed with a +2 and one assist. The main thing was her aggressiveness on defense that impressed the coaches the most. Andrew Willis started on defense with Saxon and this duo combined for a +22, six assists, and seven shots in the absence of Travis. Luke Bahoru picked up player of the week honors with his three goals against (one on a penalty shot) and an 80 save percentage. This is a bittersweet victory though as Luke injured his ribs in the game and is out indefinitely. Next week Mike will step back into the goal, and Andrew will still play defense. This will be challenge for the Nighthawks , but if they can continue playing the way they have been with 33 goals, 7 goals against, and a +26 goal differential (all of which are first in the league) they have a chance. Also, Saxon will have to continue his amazing plus/minus ability, which as of right now is tied for a career high after just two games. It is gut check time for the Nighthawks and it will take place next game.

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