Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nighthawks win series with victory

The Nighthawks won the tiebreaker game 10-7 against Here For The Beer on Thursday. This marks the first series win for the franchise, and a look ahead of some great things to come. Player of the week, Leanne Mitchell, scored a goal and added an assist in this game. That gives her three goals in her last four games. Andrew Willis was also able to break out of his scoring slump, and with the team having finally figured out their lines the team will expect more of this from him next season. Luke Bahrou played another great game in net, and the team has officially made him the starter for next season. The Nighthawks saw a lot of improvements this game. The main one that stuck out was Sherif coming back to play some defense when he was needed. As a pure offensive player Sherif has not played much defense, but a team meeting circled around team defense helped Sherif to play more defensively. The Nighthawks finished the season 3-1 for a final record 0f 3-5. This is not as bad as it seems as four of those five losses were by only one goal. The Nighthawks will make a few roster changes in the off-season, but it seems they finally have the team they want to make a run at the top. Expect great things from them.

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