Monday, May 3, 2010

Nighthawks win two in a row

It took the Nighthawks two less games to win the same amount of games that they won all of last year. The story was once again the goaltending of Luke Bahrou. This time it was a little harder with the absence of top defender Saxon Feravich, but the team still won 7-6 against Here for the Beer. Rachel Willis was also missing from the game, and this caused Jordan Hendricks to be called up from the minors for one game. He made a great impact in his first major league game with a +3 in the stats column. John came back from his injury to test out his legs. He recorded two assists, and it is uncertain if the team will play him in the last two games. Also Emily played forward for the first time this year, and she came up with an assist. Sherif was named player of the week with his goal and two assists. Veronica also seems to be on a roll as she recorded her second five point game in a row, with two of them being goals. Leanne added the last goal that ended up being the game winner after a great blocked shot and pass from the team's acting A+ captain Andrew Willis. Star defenseman Travis Feravich also had a solid game defensively. The team seems to finally be on the same page, and unless some injuries occur the entire team should be healthy for the last two games. "I think finishing the season with four wins in a row would be an amazing accomplishment for our team, especially with the injuries and problems our team has had the first couple of games," said captain Saxon Feravich. One thing the team has been missing is scoring from Andrew Willis. He has not scored in the last two games after scoring four goals in two games. He has been playing more defensively especially since Saxon was gone last game, but his secondary scoring would be beneficial for the team. With two games left the team will probably shift people around to see where they fit for next season.

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