Monday, May 31, 2010

Nighthawks start season in unfamiliar territory

The Nighthawks started their new season in completely different fashion then they have been accustomed to the last few seasons, with a win. The off-season proved to be the big difference for the Nighthawks. They were able to re-sign Leanne, Carissa, and defensive superstar Travis Feravich. Also, they decided to bring up Ariel and Abby from the minors, and that decision made an impact right away. The Nighthawks went into the first game with a ton of confidence and won the game 21-4 over the Cowboy Killers, a new expansion team this year. The first minute was not good for the Nighthawks as they seemed to be a little out of sync. It didn't help that Sherif didn't show up on time either, and all of this ended with a quick goal for the Cowboy Killers. The experience of the Nighthawks proved to be an asset because they did not let this setback get them down. Andrew Willis came right back and scored a goal to tie up the game, and from there the Nighthawks didn't look back. This game showed off all of the Nighthawks' abilities, and each person did what they were picked for this team to do. The main deference with this game from other ones is the ability of the girls to score, and that is something they hope will continue all season. Sherif had two goals in this game, and Andrew had one, but that was it for the guys scoring. The girls really brought out their ability to score. Veronica had three, Leanne had two, Abby had two, Ariel had one, and Carissa had one. With nine girl goals it is almost impossible to lose, especially when you have Luke Bahrou in goal. He has now won four of his last five games. Saxon Feravich recorded one of his best games ever. He had a career high in assists with five, and in plus/minus with a +11. After the game he said that this was the team he was hoping to have. "We have come a long way, and grown together as a team. This is the team everyone wants to have," Saxon said. This game was not all good news though as it was later found out that Travis Feravich broke his toe, and he will be out for at least two weeks. His +9 and four assists will be missed, but Andrew Willis will try to fill the void as best he can next week as the Nighthawks look to continue their offensive explosion.

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