Monday, April 12, 2010

Nighthawks comeback falls short

The Nighthawks struggles continued this week as the team feel just short of an amazing comeback, 9-8. The team came into the game expecting to have their full roster, but in pre-game warm ups a blast from Mike Roos caught Emily in the ribs and she was taken back for x-rays. She missed the first half. Because of this Mike got his third start in a row. The game started off highly contested, and when Saxon came off the field the score was tied at zero. A penalty kick from Andrew Willis gave the Nighthawks the lead, but Stormin Normin came right back with a goal less than a minute later. They followed that up with five more and went into the half leading 6-1. Emily came back for the second half, and the Nighthawks, trying to get back in the game, put in Sherif, Willis, Veronica, and the Feravich brothers. After some bench complaining Saxon and Travis left for Billy and Rachel. The next time Saxon and Travis saw the field the score was 8-1 with 15 minutes left. It was right then that the comeback started. Travis was quoted as saying, "Give me the ball. I'm going to try to score." He got the ball took it down and came close to scoring his first career goal. Stormin Normin cleared it down and a pass from Saxon to Sherif led to a goal and an 8-2 deficit. Veronica added another goal before Stormin Normin stopped the bleeding with a goal after Travis slipped. Andrew added his second of the night, and Sherif had three more (all assisted by Veronica), but it was not enough to complete the comeback and therefore the Nighthawks, despite the six points from Veronica, have fallen to 0-3 on the year. Another thing to look for in the coming weeks is the team's ability to co-exist. There are rumors that some of the players are upset with playing time. Captain Saxon Feravich had this to say, "I am not concerned about my team. They can complain to me all they want, but the best players will play when we need them. If they don't like it they won't be on the team next year. I took Travis out when we were down by four to put Andrew in. Travis didn't want to leave, but he did because he knows Andrew is better offensively." This comment makes it sound like there will be some changes at the end of the year if the season isn't turned around.

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