Sunday, March 28, 2010

Depleted roster leads to second loss

The Nighthawks came into this season expecting a turn around year, but they have yet to see what their full team could do. This is the second week in a row the Nighthawks have been missing some key players. Travis missed this game due to family issues, Veronica was out of the game with a concussion and Emily missed the game again due to an existing illness. This team has not had their full roster and for two weeks in a row has had trouble adjusting their offense. The game was the second overall meeting between the Nighthawks and the Ball Busters. Last season it was a 9-2 Nighthawks loss, and this year, even without their full roster, it was an 8-3 loss. This game has showed the overall improvement of the Nighthawks as a team. It was a defensive battle in the first half as Andrew Willis scored the only goal. In the second half the depleted roster started to have an effect on the Nighthawks. It wasn't long before the Nighthawks were behind in the game and trying to find a way back in, but without any consistent offense and no secondary scoring the Nighthawks eventually lost the game. Andrew Willis did have his first career multi-goal game even while playing with a bad knee. This Olympic break will prove to be helpful for the Nighthawks as they look to make a run at first this year. Many injuries that this team has faced can be healed. Veronica has a concussion, Sherif has a nagging ankle injury, Emily will try to recover from her illness, Luke has a groin injury, and Andrew Willis has been asked by Captain Saxon Feravich not to participate in the games over this break in order to help heal his knee. After the break the Nighthawks will look to attack with their full roster.

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