Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nighthawks collapse leaves them 0-1

The Nighthawks looked to start the season off on the right foot against Crossfire. They felt that with a full roster they would be able to avenge their late season loss to them last year, but this was not to be the case. First off both Beatrice and Kaitlin missed this game due to injuries in practice, Carissa could not make the game either for undisclosed reasons, and starting goaltender Emily Theodore came down with an illness and was unable to attend. Mike Roos started in goal for the game, and his efforts earned him player of the week awards. Despite the depleted roster, the Nighthawks jumped out to a 6-0 lead thanks to goals by Rachel Willis, Abby Cannon, and Sherif Hassanien (2), and the team looked ready to roll for the new season. It wasn't until there was three minutes to go in the first half that the tide started to turn. Crossfire ended the first half on a 5-1 run, and they were only down two at the half. The Nighthawks collapse continued in the second half. There was a ray of hope when John Mosley decided to play despite his injury, but alas it was too little too late and the final score was 8-7 Crossfire. This debacle is just the latest for the Nighthawks, going back to last season they are now 2-5 when leading at the half. Captain Saxon Feravich had this to say after the game, "We need to figure out what is going wrong. I don't know if we just go up by so much that our team stops caring, or if we just run out of gas. Either way this can't keep happening." When asked about how this can be changed Saxon replied by saying he had no idea on how to motivate everyone. Veronica, who had three goals last week, was non-existent in this game, and the team needs her to step up if they are going to have a chance of winning this season. The next game will be a real test for the Nighthawks as they face the Ball Busters. This will be the first meeting between these two teams since the Nighthawks finally figured out their roster.

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