Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nighthawks finish season on high note

The Nighthawks finished their season with a victory, 17-8 over Here For The Beer. This game was definitely a turning point for the team as they are looking toward the future. The team has to feel especially confidant because this win came without defenseman anchor Travis Feravich. Veronica, who was picked up last week, had three goals, and in just two games finished with a total of four goals which was good enough for fourth on the team. Sherif Hassanien also had three goals to finish second on the team with 12. The first half began with the typical dominance we have come to expect from the Nighthawks, the team was just out-running everyone and it looked like this would be an easy win for the Nighthawks. It wasn't until there was under a minute left that Beatrice Hilado, who was claimed off waivers by Here For The Beer then re-signed by the Nighthawks in free agency, scored to pull her team within 3. Fans were nervous that there would be another second half collapse, but no such thing happened as the Nighthawks buckled down, and finished their rout. This game was truly a team effort as it seemed everyone was on the score sheet. Rachel Willis had her first goal, the dynamic duo of Luke Bahrou and Andrew Willis each had a goal, Leanne and Carissa each had a pair of assists, and Saxon once again moved permanently to defense only to finish with a +11 for the game. The only down side to this game was the fact that leading goal scorer, John Mosley, injured his leg and could be out all of next year as well. This will be a devastating loss for the Nighthawks, especially if they cannot re-sign Veronica for the upcoming season. While the season as a whole was not what the Nighthawks were expecting they definitely have a lot to look forward to next season, and this young team will be a force in the league soon.

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