Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finals Picks

So the Stanley Cup playoffs are right around the corner and everyone is anxiously waiting to see how far their team will go. Will there be a Cinderella story this year, or will we have the same finals we have had the past two seasons?

I feel that this year the Finals will be much different. In the West I see the Red Wings Central Division rivals, the Chicago Blackhawks, making it to the Finals this year. In 2009 the Blackhawks made it to the Western Conference Finals before being bounced by their rivals the Red Wings, but now, with the addition of Marian Hossa, I feel they have enough fire power to get over that final hump. The real question will be their goaltending. Can Antti Niemi be good enough to get them to the finals? I believe he can.

In the East, I believe that the Philadelphia Flyers will make it to the promised land. They have a mixture of youth and veterans on their team. The addition of Chris Pronger has made a huge impact, and when you have a top tier defenseman on your blur line you can go far in the postseason. The problem for them coming from the East is the finals go through Pittsburgh. Facing them will be no easy task. I feel that they have enough talent all around to give Pittsburgh fits and make their way into the Finals.

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