Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nighthawks team falling apart

The Nighthawks continued their disappointing season with a loss to their arch rivals Los Hooligans. The 9-8 loss gives them four on the year, and a third by only one goal. This game featured lazy goaltending for some of the game, missing players (again), and stars missing on the stat sheet. Andrew Willis was quoted as saying this is the worst game he has had this year. Travis Feravich missed his second game this year because of injuries, and his presence could have helped the team. There were some positives in this game though. This game featured goals by Leanne and Carissa, and if the Nighthawks want to be an elite team, like they feel they are, then these are the secondary scorers that need to step up. Sherif added the other four goals, and lastly Luke Bahrou, who came to the team as their supposed starting goalie, has found a new position, defense. The team's main problem doesn't seem to be the play on the field, but instead it seems to be their off the field issues. Complainants about playing time have made the team worry more about that then winning, and injuries have plagued this team throughout the year. So much is uncertain for this team, and there are many people who wonder if they can salvage a .500 season. Also, with these problems many players are planning to leave the team. Of the 14 players on the team, seven players contracts expire at the end of the year, the most important of all is Travis Feravich. Captain Saxon Feravich had this to say about the situation, "It is no secret that our team is having problems with playing time. Our number one priority will be to re-sign Travis, and after it is up to the GM." There have been reports that at least five players will test free agency, and at least one player will be pulled up from the minors. The General Manager said that there is a chance this upcoming season will be forfeited if they can't figure things out. Although the team has yet to win, and personal problems threaten the future of this team, there are some positives. Some of the players are on pace to meet their preseason goals. Andrew Willis is second on the team in goals right now, but only has six points. Carissa Coon has kept up the physical play. Rachel Willis already has her six points and also a goal. Saxon Feravich has six points, and leads the team with a +10. Sherif Hassanien has 13 points with 10 goals. Travis Feravich has a point per game, but has only played two games, and he second on the team in plus/minus. Also, look for some season records to be broken, Sherif needs six goals in four games to set a season record in goals, and Saxon needs to be a +9 to beat his previous season record of plus/minus.

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