Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nighthawks fall to 0-2

The Nighthawks struggled against Los Hooligans, and followed suit with last week's result, a loss. As a whole the team looked better than they did last week. The problem seems to exist in the goal. Matt Roos started tonight and gave up 7 goals. Once Mike took over in net nothing got past him, but the Nighthawks were still on the losing end 7-4. Mike may be the answer in goal, but he will not be on time to most games so the team will have to make due without him. As far as the offense goes, the Nighthawks dominated in time of possession but they failed to capitalize. It seems a few practices will get this team flowing on offense. Also, if Kaitlin remembered to show her ideas before the game they might have been more prepared. Anyway, the physicality was still present in the Nighthawks as Andrew Willis had only three fouls, but also had a 10-minute penalty (there are rumors that he lost the "A" but it isn't true). The return of Travis was big morale boost for this team, but trying to shake off the rust left him with a low amount of playing time and a -1 on the night. John Mosley came to play as he had two goals and sits with a team leading three. Leanne added the other 2-point goal. The team has a lot of positives, and a practice will get them ready for their next game.

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  1. good summary of the game i like the practice idea that would helps us out a ton also we need rachel to play with us