Friday, January 22, 2010

Nighthawks struggle in opener

In the opening game of the Winter 2010 season the Ball-busters did just that, busted the balls of the heavily favored Nighthawks by a score of 9-2. Andrew Willis, the teams alternate captain, lived up to his huge contract by scoring one of only two goals for the Nighthawks. The other off-season acquisition, John Mosley, added a goal as well. The first shot on goal for the Ball-busters went in, and it was just downhill from there for goaltender Luke Bahrou. He faced 10 shots and gave up 5 points. He was pulled for Matt Roos in the second half. In the second half Matt Roos injured his ankle, typical Rooses. The all-world defenseman and Captain of this team finished with a -4 on the night. Next week he will have his defensive partner back though, and he should be back to form. If you want to look at the positives, the Nighthawks had great physical presence. The team totaled 9 fouls that game, six coming from hard-hitting Andrew Willis. We will see if they can use this to their advantage next Thursday.

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