Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday's NHL picks

Game: Ottawa at Boston
Summary: The Senators come into today tied for the longest active win streak right now at five
games. During this span they have outscored their opponents 18-6, including a 5-1 victory over the Bruins. But before this winning streak, the Senators had lost five in a row, including a 4-1 loss to Boston. As for Boston, they have lost three in a row and find themselves slipping in the Eastern Conference.
Winner: Boston. I feel Boston wins this game and rights the ship, besides Ottawa has to lose sometime.

Game: Carolina at Philadelphia
Summary: The Hurricanes are sitting in last place in the league right now, while Flyers are in ninth in the Eastern Conference, just one point out of the playoffs.
Winner: Philadelphia. If the Flyers want to be a playoff team the have to win the games they should win, this a game they should win.

Game: New York Rangers at Montreal
Summary: The Rangers offense was non-existent against Philadelphia after scoring 14 goals in two games previous to that. As for Montreal, they are in tenth in the Eastern Conference and just one win from being the playoff picture.
Winner: Montreal. I feel that the Rangers will be looking ahead to their Monday night showdown with the Penguins, and this gives Montreal the edge.

Game: New Jersey at New York Islanders
Summary: New Jersey is still in first in their division despite losing four their last five games. They are facing an Islanders team that has won five of their last six, and hasn't lost at home since December 27.
Winner: New York Islanders.
The Islanders are on a roll right now; recording shutouts against the Red Wings and these same Devils. By the way, their one loss was against the Penguins.

Game: Phoenix at Washington
Summary: The Coyotes have been one of the biggest surprises this season. At this point they are fourth in the Western Conference. Now they have to go to Washington and play the Capitals, who have won five in a row. They also have the best home record in the Eastern Conference.
Winner: Washington. Washington has won eight of ten since entering the New Year, and it will take a lot to slow them down.

Game: Toronto at Florida
Summary: This is a battle between two teams that each have two game losing streaks. Florida has has the harder of the games, and if they can put together a couple of wins they will be right in the thick of things for the playoffs.
Winner: Florida. If Florida wants to make a push for the playoffs they need to win this game because their next couple of games won't be very easy.

Game: Los Angeles at Detroit
Summary: This is a seven vs. eight match-up in the Western Conference. The Kings come into this game winning three of their last four games. As for the Red Wings, they have only won two of their last five, but they got a point in two of those three losses. The last time these two teams met it was a 2-1 Red Wings win in L.A.
Winner: Detroit. The Red Wings have played some tough games lately and the score just hasn't come out in their favor. I'm sure they will be ready for this game, and pull out a win.

Game: Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Summary: Although Atlanta and Tampa Bay are sitting in 11th and 13th place respectively, they are still in the playoff hunt in the Eastern Conference. A win tonight for either of these team will help them out.
Winner: Tampa Bay. I feel that being home gives Tampa the edge in this game.

Game: Anaheim at St. Louis
Summary: Both these teams have been playing very well lately. The Blues have won five of their last seven games, and the Ducks have won seven of their last nine. The Ducks have a terrible road record, but the Blues home record is worse.
Winner: Anaheim. The Ducks have been playing with a lot of confidence. In their last nine games they have beaten tough teams like Chicago, Nashville, and Detroit.

Game: Columbus at Minnesota
Summary: Columbus is coming off a win against Boston, and Minnesota has lost four games in a row. Minnesota has a good record at home, while the Blue Jackets are below .500 on the road.
Winner: Minnesota. Minnesota needs to get some confidence before Detroit comes back to town on Wednesday.

Game: Chicago at Vancouver
Summary: Chicago has won four of their last five games, and are right in the the middle of an eight game road trip. This road trip has nothing on the Canucks, who have to start a 14 game road trip at the end of the month. This is a big problem especially since the Canucks have a losing record on the road.
Winner: Chicago. I feel that the long road trip will be looming over the head of the Canucks. Besides, the Blackhawks are 3 and 1 on their current road trip.

Game: Buffalo at San Jose
Summary: The Sabers come into this game losers of three of their last four games. Now they have to go to the Shark Tank and face a San Jose team that has only lost four games at home in regulation all season. The Sharks also come in on a four game winning streak where the offense has scored 21 goals.
Winner: San Jose. There is a reason the Sharks are the top team in the NHL right now, they know how to protect their house.

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