Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nighthawks lose again

The Nighthawks had their worst outing of the year last Thursday when they lost 12-2 . The team that was favored to be at the top of the league this session is bleeding. They have no wins this year, and thing aren't looking any better for this team. When asked about the struggles this year, captain Saxon Feravich said, "I have no idea what is going on. We look good for the first five minutes and then we just lose it. By the end the game no one really cares anymore." So the question for this Nighthawks team is how can they keep up the intensity for a whole 50 minutes? Saxon has said he is going to start captaining this week, and there will be some line-up changes made. The Nighthawks also have some questions heading into tonight's game. Travis Feravich, the A+ Captain, my not make it to the game because of a curfew, and the same is true for Rachel Willis. Also, Andrew Willis is rehabbing an injury that has him listed as questionable for the game, and will probably affect his playing time if he goes. There is a silver lining though, the Nighthawks all-time assist leader and save percentage leader Conor Milroy is rumored to be at the game. He might provide some motivation. Regardless of what players show up the Nighthawks need to figure out this game and their team or they will be on their way to an imperfect season.

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