Friday, February 19, 2010

Nighthawks get big win over arch rivals

It has finally happened, the Nighthawks have won their first game of the season. It could not have come against a better team either, their arch rival Stormin Normin. The Nighthawks suffered a heartbreaking loss last week, and many felt that would carry over into this game, but it did not. The Nighthawks had a 5-2 lead at the half, and they coasted to victory 6-5. The team definitely learned from last week's loss , and made sure to play defense to secure the win. Along with the win, there were a lot of changes that the team made this week. First off, they put Emily in goal. She did very well stopping five shots, and posting the best GAA for a game this year. It seems the Nighthawks have found their goalie. Also, another player was picked up for the game, Sherif, who had five points that game, and was a huge asset to the team. The Nighthawks started the game with two quick goals by Sherif and picking up their physical game. This type of play led to a confrontation when Andrew Willis hit a player into the wall, and he took exception to that. They were assessed matching minors, but Andrew, along with the other two captains, made sure that the players knew they were here to play and not get pushed around. After Andrew got out of the box he responded by giving Luke Bahrou a great pass for the goal, and adding a goal later in that game. The other two goals were scored by John Mosley. Travis Feravich also added two assists. This team has finally found the recipe for winning, and we will see how that works out for them in the upcoming games.

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